Decanting Large Format Wine Bottles

April 7, 2008

Hey hello… for decanting large-format bottles of wine, should you use more than one decanter? Alley in Davenport, IL

Correct, if you are decanting a large format bottle, be prepared with several wine decanters. The process of decanting should be continuous. Keep in mind that once start, don’t stop until you are finished because this process will stir up the sediment in the wine. Also, you will definitely need help from someone to keep changing the decanters for you.

If it’s a very large format bottle you’ll probably need a two helpers to hold the bottle steady while the decanting the bottle. Many of these large format bottles are named after biblical kings. Sometimes however, the same name may be used to refer to different size bottles in different regions.

For the curious winos out there that love wine trivia. Here is a cool little chart that gives you the name of large format bottles along with their size.

Bottle Equivalent Bordeaux Wine Bottle Sizes Burgundy & Champagne
Bottle Sizes
Two (1.5L) Magnum Magnum
Three (2.25L) Marie-Jeanne N/A
Four (3.0L) Double Magnum Jeroboam
Six (4.5L) Jeroboam Rehoboam
Eight (6.0L) Imperiale Methusaleh
Twelve (9.0L) N/A Salmanazar
Sixteen (12.0L) N/A Balthazar
Twenty (15.0L) N/A Nebuchadnezzar