The Wine Bottle Punt

February 28, 2008

What is the purpose of a wine bottle punt? - Adrian in Rochester, NY

Adrian, you must have been pretty sober to notice that, not to mention retain that question long enough to ask. You deserve a glass to balance out your heightened state of awareness and enjoy another for me too ok? The wine bottle punt is the concave bottom on wine bottles. The earliest origins of the punt are unknown but there is much curiosity that surrounds it’s purpose.

Wine bottle punts provided a stable platform that would not rock back and forth and this handy feature kept you from spilling the precious contents inside. Today a punt is not needed and exists only because a lot of people equate a wine bottle punt with the measure of quality. Nowadays wine bottles can be made that do not require a punt for strength or as a platform of stability.

Here’s an interesting task for an empty bottle. After you and a known wine virgin have finished it off, turn it on its side and spin it. You might get lucky. Cheers!!


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