What is a Wine Somalie?

April 2, 2008

Hey Wine Virgin, what is a wine somalie? I’m really curious about starting my adventure in wine, thanks for the help. - Lynn in Douglas, WY

Consider a wine somalie aka wine sommelier to be your go to person at a restaurant where they will help you select the best wines to choose from. The word sommelier is a French term that basically translates into wine steward. They will pair together and suggest wines that are best suited for a particular food and they are especially keen on helping out with selecting a specific wine varietal.

The sommelier is responsible for taking into consideration the tastes of the patron and will work accordingly around what a person is willing to spend on a bottle. Sommeliers also decant wines, when necessary. Decanting, is the process of pouring the wine into a decanter before serving it. This allows the wine to breathe and will help any sediment that’s in the to settle at the bottom of the decanter.

Travel is usually part of a professional sommelier’s career. Many travel to select different wine varietals for their restaurant. So when you go to enjoy a nice dinner, sit back and relax. Allow the wine sommelier to handle all your needs and take pleasure in their knowledge and experience. Cheers!!


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